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The database contains information about punishments imposed on persons for misdemeanours and criminal offences. An extract from the e-File is intended solely for access to criminal records, and it is not possible to obtain an official document through the same environment.

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To this end, it is necessary to send a completed application to the Criminal Records Database either by email info karistusregister. In case of a paid inquiry, we kindly ask you to add a copy of the document certifying the payment of state fee to the application.

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The application should be signed on paper or digitally the requirement arises from clause 15 2 6 of the Criminal Records Database Act. It is not possible to process applications that are not signed. There is no reception at the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, and the applications are not accepted there. If you want to receive the response to your inquiry by regular mail, you need to take into account the delivery time of the letter to be added by Eesti Post AS Omniva up to two weeks.

The Criminal Records Database issues the notices from the database only in Estonian. The bias is greatest in arrests that do not lead to conviction or even charges. In many cities, arrests are used in predominantly black and Latino neighborhoods as a means of intimidation and social control.

Tens of thousands of young minority men were arrested for simply hanging around or littering. The vast majority were either never charged with a crime, or released once they saw a judge. So why should an arrest record hurt?

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One reason is ignorance. Others think that if a person has interacted with the criminal justice system, he must have done something wrong. Then add race to the mix. Employment is the single most important factor in the rehabilitation of someone with a prison record. Yet it is far harder to get a job with a prison record — in one influential study published in , having served time for possessing drugs with intent to distribute reduced callbacks for entry-level jobs by 50 percent for white applicants and by 64 percent for blacks.

Other researchers tested the most benign criminal history: a single arrest no conviction for disorderly conduct. That, too, depressed job offers , although to a much lesser extent. Having a record affects a credit rating. Federal housing law grants local authorities wide discretion, and many use it to keep people with a single arrest — no convictions — out of public housing or the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Update: Last month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced that such blanket bans were illegal, and that private landlords who use them violate the Fair Housing Act and can be sued or face penalties. It affects education, too; two-thirds of colleges ask about criminal history in applications.

Many professional licenses are closed to people with a criminal record — including those for cosmetologist, plumber and funeral director. In Oklahoma, anyone with two convictions for possessing any amount of marijuana can be barred from working as an interior designer, physical therapist or land surveyor. Maryland is one of a small number of states that puts all criminal records into a database — here called Case Search — that anyone can access free of charge.

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And increasingly, employers do use it. According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, 87 percent of managers said they perform background checks on at least some hires up from 51 percent in , and 69 percent used them for all hires. Expunging these records is far from a perfect solution. Should I be able to sue someone who discloses my expunged record?

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Alabama just arrested a blogger for publishing expunged information. Other organizations, such as employers and schools, may need your consent to obtain a copy of your criminal record, but refusing to give consent will almost certainly be considered a red flag. In some states, there are limits on what kind of criminal record information employers can access or request. Beyond employers, the people who can obtain a copy of your criminal record can vary greatly from state to state.

In other states, less serious convictions may not be easily accessed. Private companies also sell criminal records online, to anyone willing to pay a fee, although these records are not necessarily complete, because they include only information that is publicly available. If your criminal record contains any inaccurate information that is detrimental to you, you need to ask the state to correct it. If you are currently facing charges, your defense attorney can help you do this.

For example, a misdemeanor conviction may be listed as a felony, or the criminal conviction of someone else with the same name may be included in your record. All states and the federal government also maintain sex offender registries. Sex offender registries are generally public and often available online although sometimes information is only available for offenders who are considered to be particularly dangerous.

If you have previously been convicted of a crime, but have stayed out of trouble, you may be able to seal or expunge destroy your record. Generally, expunged convictions will not be included in a criminal record. While sealing and expunging does not necessarily clear your record for any and all purposes for example, a law enforcement agency may still be able to access these records , it may allow you to truthfully state that you have not been convicted of a crime if asked by an employer or landlord.

Generally, it is much more difficult, or impossible, to seal or expunge records for serious criminal convictions. A criminal record can make it hard to obtain work, rent an apartment, or qualify for a professional license.


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