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Before running for office, Jeff practiced as a civil attorney, focused on real property and healthcare litigation matters.

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He has been married to his wife, Leslie, for 35 years and has two grown daughters, Liz and Jill. Contact Information: Phone: Email: jsilvestrini millcreek. She served in this capacity for eleven years. She then served as a City Council member for six years before being elected as Mayor. As a lifelong resident of Taylorsville, she is deeply rooted in service and giving back to the community. Her professional experience includes bookkeeping for a construction supply company and working as a para educator focusing on Special Education in Granite School District.

Kristie is married, has five children and 10 grandchildren. Contact Information: Phone: Email: koverson taylorsvilleut. Upon graduation he entered active duty as a U. Army Officer and proudly served six years in this capacity. He was honorably discharged in and returned to Salt Lake to join the family clothing business. After 50 years in business, Rob, along with brother Allan, made the decision to sell the business.

When not at City Hall, Rob manages a small commercial real estate portfolio.

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Contact Information: Phone: Email: rdahle cityofholladay. Erin enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, learning and community volunteer service. Jim was first elected to the Salt Lake County Council as an At-Large member in and has continuously served in that position. He previously served on the City Council from to during which time he focused on fiscal management, economic development, public safety, code enforcement, community engagement, education and child development.

Mayor Hale was raised in Idaho and Murray where he met and married his high school sweetheart, Susan. They have lived in Midvale since where they raised six children. They love to share time with their 24 grandchildren as they mature from childhood to adulthood. A year veteran of the United State Postal Service, Mayor Hale served as a letter carrier, supervisor, manager, master instructor, and team leader.

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State prosecutors offices in California, New York, and Arizona also participated. In addition to Zambada-Garcia, more than defendants were charged by state and federal prosecutors nationwide.

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Other significant defendants charged in the United States include:. The District of Columbia indictment alleges that Torres-Felix is a top Zambada-Garcia lieutenant responsible for arranging the transportation of multi-ton shipments of cocaine to ZGO associates in the United States. Torres-Felix is specifically charged along with Zambada-Garcia and his son, Vicente Zambada-Niebla with conspiracy to import and distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine within the United States.

The Los Angeles indictment charges alleges that Torres-Felix provided millions of dollars worth of cocaine to distribution cells in the Los Angeles area. The multi-count indictment specifically charges Torres-Felix with: 1 conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine; 2 conspiracy to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine; 3 conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute grams or more of methamphetamine; 4 possession with intent to distribute approximately Vicente Zambada-Niebla, the son and co-defendant of Ismael Zambada-Garcia, is named in the District of Columbia indictment unsealed today.

Sackett, who is 27 and worked on the downtown bike squad before being reassigned to the west side, says he sees a lot of the same folks he used to see in the Rio Grande area now hanging out on street corners and parking lots on North Temple. A few minutes later, he hears a dispatch from Masters: The man he just arrested keeps unbuckling his seat belt and rolling around in the back seat. Sackett finds Masters parked in front of a hotel, about a mile away. Devin Stutz explains as Masters straps the man into a restraining device called The Wrap, a sort of full-body straitjacket with an optional hood for people who spit at officers, and handles on the back to help officers lift the man.

Masters, Stutz says, believes the man had just done drugs before officers arrested him. While police found none on him, they did see some packaging on the ground. Arrestees know this. Nearly 5, people have been arrested since Operation Rio Grande began. Only 47 have been released into community mental health programs, while 31 were sentenced to serve time in the state prison.

Vincent, who started the syringe exchange program for homeless people in downtown about two years ago, took issue with the law enforcement aspect of Operation Rio Grande. She said the idea of more arrests leading to more people getting help is counterintuitive because more criminal charges lessen the likelihood of someone being hired or being allowed to rent a home.

Did it dirty a whole bunch of other areas? It sure did. It just spread it out amongst the cities. As homeless people move around the valley, advocates say, it hinders their ability to get them necessary resources. Before the operation, Vincent said, her team would come in contact with between 1, and 2, people each month. Thirty days after the police crackdown, that number plunged to That means some were reusing needles or sharing, instead of getting new ones in the state program. Using a syringe more than once can cause soft tissue damage or tear a vein. In the months since, Vincent said, her coalition has adapted.

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It has set up new syringe-exchange locations in areas where people have relocated, such as on North Temple. Last month, the group had 1, encounters with homeless people. Volunteers of America have also had to make changes, according to spokeswoman Sarah Cavalcanti. The signs give him probable cause to stop any person he sees walking through or camping in the area.

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He drives a truck, he says, so when he sees a camp, he and his unit can pack it up. His team found two new ones just that week. In his work, Chavez says, he sees a difference between someone who is transient and someone who is homeless. In the past year, Unified Police have arrested 1, people who are homeless, according to data provided through a public records request. The sidewalks are empty, save for some overgrown bushes. If there was someone, he continues, say lying beneath the short purple tree right off West, he would get out of the truck and talk to him.

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Jason Norton, say several times that day. If a person panhandles at the Interstate 15 entrance along South, they stop and talk to them. A few minutes later, Chavez comes across a man and a woman sitting beneath a tree near a dumpster, behind Mi Rico Burrito.

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